Jan 17, 2008

This May Explain a Lot

I am not really "mainstream", for good and for bad. In fact, lately, I have been often compared with the character House (from the TV series).

The first time I got compared, I quickly opened my mouth to complain and defend myself..., when I thought it twice and decided to shut that big mouth of mine. I must confess I find it more a compliment than anything else because no, I don't pop pills like candy (in fact I avoid them by default), so I'll guess that they are all his other charming traits the ones that got me compared.

Now, the other day, reading snippets of information here and there, I came accross an article in BNet about "The Weird Rules of Creativity", a synopsis from the Harvard Business Review article by Robert I. Sutton.

According to this synopsis, a way to fuel innovation is: "Hire people you don't like. Encourage them to defy superiors and peers. Wholeheartedly commit to risky projects. Get your happiest workers arguing. And keep your innovators away from customers."

It suddenly stroke me: Could this be why I was never out of work...? Would that explain it all?

Source: BNet

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