Feb 19, 2008

Ads From the Past

Some time ago I showcased here some of the Good Old Days of TV advertising when a family oriented cartoon could be the face for a cigarette's brand and beer in the Hospital was just a nice way of celebrating the newborn.

Today, Asylum (the only thing from AOL that I stand visiting) has a great gallery of old and antique print ads that from our modern point of view are completely politically incorrect.

Not only you can see a baby praising his father for choosing Marlboro over other brands ("Gee dad, you always get the best of everything...")but a husband spanking his wife over the grocery shopping was totally acceptable (sadly, still is in some places, apparently).

Of course these are good examples of how much our views can change over anything. Most of those products have not changed at all but our point of view has changed dramatically. Going through the ads, you will also see doctors recommending Camel and pregnant women being able to do their work again (cooking) thanks to some new medicine!

But now take a look to some products...

At least in one case, the product is even more interesting than the ad. I am talking about the "Sanitized Tape Worms" that were advertised as a was of losing weight without dieting.

I guess that trying to find the easy way to be thin is not new. But the "sanitized" part of the product really cracks me up!

Check the whole collection at Asylum.

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