Feb 13, 2008

How Clean is Singapore?

Yesterday I came across this old campaign for Teflon, from a Singapore-based agency called 10AM-Asia. I really like the ad, I think is ingenious and reinforces what the product is all about. In fact it also won some awards here and there.

But then, in an afterthought, I realized that either this is an ad for a very VERY neat city, or it has the lifespan of a fly. I mean... in most of the cities I know that (faked) fried egg on the floor would have turn into an absolutely disgusting thing in less of half a day. And after that you would not be able to see that there is an egg there and therefore the whole joke is gone.

I have been in Singapore many many (MANY!) years ago and I don't remember it as a very clean city. Maybe that has changed or maybe this was located in very strategic locations.

If by any chance our friends in Singapore know anything about this campaign like for how long it run or how well the eggs stay in view, please let us know! :)

Link to 10AM-Asia

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Anonymous said...

Singapore is quite clean, but two things must be added: Usually the street campaigns lasts for few days, rarely more than two weeks. And I never see this add on the streets!!