Feb 11, 2008

Argentina .925

Each time I go back to Argentina, I make sure visit some jewelry designers. While I do jewelry myself, I don't enjoy doing rings as much as I enjoy doing pendants and funny enough what I use more (and I change more often) are rings. So if I go to Buenos Aires, I spent some time looking for cool rings as I know I will find them there.

I have one or two 'fixed' favorites that I try to visit each time I go but one of my greatest pleasures is to find the new ones, those new -very creative- designers that are experimenting and creating with new materials or new techniques.

Below you can find samples from both worlds:

The two smaller pictures in the middle are from Nueveveinticinco, already an established name that is worth a visit every time. I have several rings from them and they always got attention, as they tend to be really different.

The bigger pictures are from relatively new designers, that I've found visiting "Puro Diseño" (an event that showcases new/young designers) and also through friends that know my weakness for good jewelry design. The bracelet at the top is a design from Juana Marana, that works most of her pieces 'knitting' silver and other metals. The other ring is from Gabriela Horvat, someone that has made of working with curves almost her signature.

These are of course a few, but there are so many more available! If you like good design, creativity and new trends, make sure you schedule a trip to Buenos Aires. Is a big city and it may seem chaotic but as I used to tell my students "at the beginning is always the chaos and from then on is creation" (and even when I am not religious, lets face it, even the Bible says so...!).

If you are asking yourself if Argentina has anything to do with Argentium (a type of silver), yes, they are related by the simple fact that the name Argentina comes from the Latin word "Argentum" that means silver. By chance or by destiny, who knows, Argentina is one of those perfect spots to find really cool hand made silver pieces.

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