Feb 10, 2008

Laughs and Brands

A good joke is always a good way to go in advertising if the joke can be tied to the brand and the message they are trying to delivered. Something that you can see in this ad, that I am not 100% sure if it is Italian (the car is Italian, Fiat, but the ad may not be). At any rate, a good ad and a perfect joke for the message.

The next two ads are from my country of origin, Argentina. The first one is maybe a good joke but has little to do with the product and the brand. My guess is that people will remember more the woman and the conversation than the brand..., but it is still funny though, and who has not been there at least once, opening your mouth before thinking twice?

For the third one you'll have to click on the "Read More". Let's just say that the is a bit more 'adults oriented'... but in a relatively subtle way.

In this case, ad, joke, product and brand tied very well together and I am sure that the ad plays very well within its target.

My favorite is still the first one. I think is an excellent piece for what they were trying to communicate. I bet the ad not only plays well with the kids but with the parents...
What about you? Any favorite for any particular reason?

(Thanks O and JC !)

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