Feb 22, 2008


I have been waiting for a long time for an ad where the copy is all nonsense garbled and mix on that you could read (if you really try) some statements about why the copy is garbled and whatever is needed to say about the product.

Would be something like:

Ioioioio, Ipse Lorum, Whyacareatoawriteaanythinghereaanyway? Ifbwebknowbnobodybreadsbthebcopybanymore. Andcmorecblahcblah, thiseproducteisemustehaveforeblahblah, Ioioioio, Ipse Lorum.

Why? Because there is so many people out there saying "nobody reads the copy anymore" that I am not sure why in hell ads have any copy at all or agencies spent any money in copywriters.

I don't agree with that statement. I read the copy in almost any ad that catches my eye. OF COURSE, they have to catch my eye first, but if they got my eye, I will read the copy. And I used to read them before I even get into advertising. So, maybe we are few now, and maybe, just maybe, we are entering into the Ice Age for people like me that reads and maybe we will all disappear soon. But so far, we are still here.

I guess that is why I like this ad. I know that in this case they are talking about the title and not the copy and that half of the joke is that the car is too eye-catching to read the title anyway. But at some level I feel there is also a subtle reference to "nobody reads the copy anymore".

From the Canadian Advertising Agency Open Minds

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