Feb 24, 2008

Bad Designs, Clueless Clients

With brand communications in general is not so odd to find either a brand, a logotype, an ad or sometimes even a slogan that you can't help but to think "What where they thinking when they approved THIS?".

Here, some examples:

1. The design of the logo should have empahatized how this name has to be read. Of course is "Kids Exchange" and it is NOT Kid Sex Change or Kid Sex Exchange, but the design doesn't make it clear.

2. The design for Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies, that also promotes the "cultural exchange", can be seen as promoting some other type of exchange:

3. My favorite, so far. I really, really don't understand how NO ONE in the company noticed that the mouse as it is may have some phallic connotations:

And these are not all. By some reason, there are several logos with "abstract" people that seem to be more appropiate for a modern Kamasutra than for what they were meant to be (dentist, pharmacy, etc). Check them out...

. Pharmacy specialized in back pain:

. Pediatric Institute:

. Fashion "A" (from Italy):

. Dentist office in Latin America (the less horrible one)

I believe that whoever did these logos can't be called a "graphic designer". But I am more amazed with the client. No one noticed anything a bit disturbing when they decided to go with these logos?

Thanks O. for the material. Do you have more examples of horrible logos? Contact me and send them this way, you will get full credit for your discovery!


Anonymous said...

I thought the first one looked like Kid Sex Change or Kids Sex Change, not Kid Sex Exchange! Both are funny though!

San said...

You are right Tiffany, but for some reason the first time I saw it I read "Kids Sex Exchange"... and I was already imagining a place where you go and say "I got a boy but I want a girl, can I exchange him? " :)) :))

Unknown said...

Hey I laughed out loud after a long tiring day - (it's night time here!)- Well done on posting these - it is just so hard to believe that these actually got as far as published never mind in regular use!

I know when you work of a design or a bit of art you can get a bit blinkered but these are rather beyound the pale - companies should have these road tested down the local pub or in schools full of teenagers. A "Bin the ones with sniggers policy".