Feb 6, 2008

Products Reincarnation

I found this hanger pretty creepy at first glance but I guess is just a matter of getting used to have those hands coming off from your walls. The idea is cool, just a bit too realistic for me.

I must confess that I tend to forget things pretty easily and then I can scare myself with my own choices. A small example: I used to have a huge spider (not the real thing of course but very realistic), hanging from the drapes in my living room, a bit hidden, as a joke. Believe it or not, from time to time I would get scared just because I simply didn't remember it was there. So, just to avoid any possibility of a heart attack, no hands coming out from the walls for me.

But the Turkish company, "Maybe Product" have some other very cool 'reincarnated' items that are less ominous, like these chairs and ottomans made with ... old recycled luggage! Take a look...

From their Reincarnation Series

I would have any of these chairs at home..., if we have have chairs at all what is not the case in our own little Weirdland!

Link to MaybeProduct - Found Via Our Descent into Madness

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