Feb 6, 2008

The Picture is Stylish. The Product is...?

Let's see how design, standardized codes, prejudices, and first impressions matter (or maybe not).

I saw this picture in a banner ad and I immediately assumed it was about a very specific type of product. A second later I knew I was wrong because the ad was very clear. But I still think that this picture and some details in the packaging without "context" could be misleading respect of the real product.

The name of the product (that I blurred it on purpose just so you. the reader, can play this game based on very first impressions) is OVAL. That name didn't change my mind. I still thought we were talking about.... (my secret assumption).

Now, the ad of the product we are talking about was in a page that is in fact about the the first "speed date event for Sugar Mamas & Boy Toys", meaning older, wealthy women in search of younger attractive boys, for a change. OVAL is sponsoring this speed dating event, that in fact will occur tomorrow. That didn't make a difference in my assumption.

Just by looking at the picture, what do you think we are talking about? Is it sparkling water? Or maybe is it a perfume? (and if it is a perfume is it for Her or for Him?) ....Or is it just plain chic water? Maybe an alcoholic drink? (If that is the case, which one?)... Or is it something else?

Ok, here is the picture again, this time no blur on it.
As you can see...
...we are talking about Vodka!

And a very special one. According to the company this is not just another "new" vodka but an almost scientific designed one:

OVAL has patented a groundbreaking process that "Structures" the vodka, fusing the normally separate elements of water and alcohol into a single body. With four water molecules enveloping each alcohol molecule, the H20 is what your tongue senses first, resulting in a soft, rounded drink. Some might say it’s a revolution in the category. We see it as vodka's natural evolution.

Me? At first glance, just by seeing the bottle and the picture, I thought it was a perfume and a perfume for guys. I still believe that if you look at the picture without knowing anything about the product you may find it at first impression as something more to "wear" than to "mix and sip"... but maybe that is just me!

What about you? What product did you see at first?

Oval, found via Pocket Change NY

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Anonymous said...

Perfume for men or women, either or...