Feb 7, 2008

Super Bowl Ads (Part I) - Inspiration or Copycat?

There is soooo much to say about the Super Bowl ads that I will have to do one post per week or per month. I just can't put my thoughts altogether in a long posting, nor I want to. Too many angles, too many things to analyze, too many details.

So I am starting on a relatively easy issue. When do you think one ad has been the inspiration for another one, when you believe we are talking about copycats and when do you think that is pure chance that two ads are similar?

The reason I am asking is because while I liked and smiled at the Bud Light Ad during the Super Bowl, the moment I saw it I started having that bothering sensation of deja-vu and I knew it wasn't the Geico Caveman the one I was talking about!

It took me a while but I finally found the other ad that was in my head. It is from the UK and also for a beverage but not beer. Of course the ads are not identical, but I see enough similarities to make me wonder.

I let you decide. Here is the Bud Light ad:

And here is what I will call the Bud Light's ad "grandfather":

Now, believe me I am not accusing anyone. I know how cretivity works and it can be really tricky. Sometimes you may be 'creating' without any conscious notion that you have seen that before. And I know how my mind works too, that sometimes I see similarities where no one else sees them.

So, please, let me know your opinion. You can use the poll below (and if it is closed, because after a while it will be, just leave me a comment!)

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