Feb 8, 2008

Florida, in Just a Few Words

Found this in "You in my blog". I think is a perfect definition for both places:

(You may also think that FL is China after going through a Nip/Tuck episode but I guess that would be applicable just to South Florida).

Then, the next day, I found this in Tim Lahan's blog. Again, Florida, this time Orlando. Doesn't give me any peace of mind.

And just in case that the previous image wasn't enough proof that something is rotten in the State of Florida...,check out this picture found at CNN, this time of Weston, FL. We are all about education I guess, uhm?

I still don't get what people love so much about Florida. Yeah, nice weather during half of the year, but still..., in the streets maniac drivers, on the coast the sharks, inland the crocodiles and over you the hurricanes....

Thinking in moving to Fl, really?


Anonymous said...

Spot on!

DiSa said...

Florida is so out of control!