Feb 3, 2008

Superbowl, Superads

The superbowl is coming to town and for some of us the only reason that used to be meaningful in any way was because we were waiting for the ads. The "most watched" primetime of the year is of course the most expensive, therefore just some few brands can be there and all of them are looking to impress us.

With humour or with an unexpected message, the ads of the Superbowl are an American Classic and all the brands try to put their best image in front of us.

But that seems to be changing, at least in what has to do with the surprise. As it happens with so many other things, between internet and the media, agencies and clients trying to "hype the hype" we now know more and more about the Superbowl ads BEFORE the Superbowl even starts.

For this year, for example, we know already what brands will be there (check out the list at AdLand ) and some ads will lose part of their "punch" because they have been already available online, either through YouTube of thru the client's website, days in advance...

That is the case of the "deaf" Pepsi Ad, and Ad that I am sure could have had much more impact if NO ONE knew about it beforehand. Having a 60' ad all in silence would have been really unexpected if... well, if no one will be expecting it (duh!). But they decided to spoil the surprise, so who am I to not follow their lead?

Here is the ad, loosely based on an old joke that apparently us retty popular among the deaf population.

From my point of view the only real great thing of this ad is the fact that is 'in silence'. Therefore if I was the client I would have never show it in advance, spoiling the surprise.

Anyone out there knows the reason they decided to unveiled it before the Superbowl? Or any theories at least?

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