Apr 19, 2008

Breedism, Racism?

New interesting commercial from Peta.org, pointing out the racism involved in considering mixed breed "inferior" ones.

Learn more about PETA's ABC campaign at PETA.org.

Creative: Dan Neri and Scott Murray of Matter
Director: Steven Tsuchida of Oil Factory

While it may sound exaggerated in reality, pure breeds fanatics would go to any extreme to maintain "pure bloodlines" even when sometimes that quest plays against the dogs. And I know that very first hand because I am the proud owner of two "pure mutts" that have way less problems than the "pure breed" bulldog I had when I was a child!

Thanks Mesia for sending the link!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that equalling Racism, segregation and intolerance with a dogs breeding issue is, at least, disproportionate. I could also say that PETA is more or less a semi fascist organization with no ethical boundaries at all, that is propaganda is designed to favor their own image rather than the supposely ethical treatment they want for the animals, but I better not. I will, instead, say this: Fuck PETA, fuck them up their stupid asses. That's me, the illiterate slug.

San said...

Changing the ordinary saying a bit, I'll say "Do not kill the message because of the messenger". I am not a big fan of PETA as I personally prefer a different approach, the kind that Best Friends has. But this message is right on the money.

As I said, when I was a kid we had a bulldog that was in fact a champion. And I still remember the bullshit conversations that the "purists" would have, while some of the bulldogs competing couldn't even walk because of the inbreed, but where accepted because they were "Pure blood". At the same time, most of them look to all the rest of the dogs, the "not pure ones" as if they were something else, an "inferior thing" not worth anything.

From that time (I was around 12) I remember thinking about them as Nazis.

So when PETA came up with this ad, I thought "finally someone has the balls to say so". Peta may be an extreme but the purists are also an extreme. So, the same way that no one really opposed when the communists joined the Allies to fight the Nazis, I will not dismiss this commercial because it comes from PETA. It is fighting the nazis or at least a way of thinking that in a lot of cases is not soooo far from that extreme.

Is it in part exaggerated? Of course, one of the tools of advertising is the hyperbole! Is it completely overblown out of proportion? Not so much...