Apr 16, 2008

Breaking the Ice

This is a (more or less) funny commercial from my country (Argentina) for the Pepsi brand. It is a bit over the top, some may not like it at all but it plays over the differences between generations, that is something always handy to resort to, when brainstorming ideas.

In this case, the ad works around how much the 'rules' have changed when it comes to an introduction between two men. In Argentina, our fathers and grandfathers used to shake hands. When it comes to my generation and the younger ones, even guys kiss each other in the cheek (just once) when they meet.

Of course these differences may end up causing some awkards moments when the two generations meet -as it is in this case-, when the girl introduces her very young boyfriend to her pretty old fashioned father.

The slogan at the end reads: "To break the ice, dare for more"

I think the ad could have been even funnier, but if we consider that during a good number of years the Pepsi brand was all about "the new generation" it makes sense that they moved to something like this now that their slogan is "Dare for more".

When you think about how much the habits have changed in the last 20 or 30 years, you will probably notice how many other ads could play over the gap between generations!

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