Apr 15, 2008

Sex and Sensibility

Sunday we visited the Cartoon Art Museum here in San Francisco. One of the exhibits, "Sex and Sensibility" showcases the work of ten female cartoonists on the humorous aspects of sex and love. It features cartoons from Liza Donnelly's book under the same name published by Twelve Books.

Some of the cartoonists are Carolita Johnson, Victoria Roberts, Barbara Smaller and Signe Wilkinson.

But that wasn't all. Another area explores the history of cartoon art including works from the most renowned and creative cartoonists of the last century. This exhibit traces the evolution of cartooning through its many forms including animation, comic strips, comic books, editorial cartoons, magazine cartoons, and underground cartoons.

Here, an American classic that became famous worldwide:

I bet this lunch box makes some people feel quite nostalgic!

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