Apr 14, 2008

SF - I'm Loving It!

We arrived to SF last Saturday after a long, long trip. Not so long in hours but we really didn't sleep too much the night before (the flight was at 6 am) so it felt like a never ending trip.

Delta didn't help too much (that will be a whole posting by itself) but the torture of the flight was quickly forgot after a great weekend in the city. We had an unusual couple of days of warm weather and we visited the MOMA, the Comic's Museum and Fisherman's Wharf.

Of course I am loving it! Good design is everywhere and hills and all, we are in a real city where public transportation is common and there are real streets to walk (remember I am living in FL!).

We were both impressed by the SFMoMA and we couldn't stop taking pictures of the building. Here you can see a couple, one from the series I am calling the "the MOMA moon" and the other one playing hide and seek in the museum's open roof.

The Moma Moon

@ the MOMA Roof

In one weekend we have taken almost 300 pics and most of them are inside the MoMA. As soon as I have my Flickr organized, I will share. But is time to go out and discover more of this (now a bit chilly) gorgeous city.

Want it or not, I'll keep you posted!

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