Apr 2, 2008

Friends Will be Friends

Remember that song from Queen?

"When youre in need of love
they give you care and attention
Friends will be friends
When you are through with life
and all hope is lost
Hold out your hands cos'
friends will be friends right till the End"

It seems to me that this Argentinian commercial is a bit based in that type of friendship. A tight one that is pretty common in my country.

You don't need to understand Spanish at all to understand the concept and with almost no dialogue, all you need to know that the very first line is a friend saying "And this is our present to you" and that at the end the closing says "there are moments that are just our moments".

I believe that you can tell a lot about a country by its commercials. I just realized that you can tell from mine not only that psychoanalysis is pretty common in Argentina, but that great, deep, longlasting friendships are also the norm. Enjoy this commercial (and I promise that I will translate some other good ones to post them here!).

BTW, the ad is for a beer (Norte)... and I can't help but wonder why would you give a present like that one to one of your best friends under those circumstances? Maybe you just don't want him to get married?
Thanks Brig for the ad!

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