Apr 3, 2008

Sitting on the Money with Jar Lights

In Argentina I used to do metal smithing as a hobby. From my group at the workshop I used to be always the one that would come with the smallest things (except the time I made for myself a huge bracelet, but that's another story).

I think it was related to my patience, or better said, my lack of. I do love huge things made of metal, but I just don't have the patience that it takes to get those things done. Still I am fascinated by big metalwork pieces that are done by attaching (welding) small pieces together.

That is exactly what Johny Swing does. His projects are huge, and they have the plus that some of them are also recycling objects. Take a look:

The Loose Change Chair
( as the name suggests, made of loose change)

The -Oh So Lovely!- Big Jardalear Lamp
(yeap, each one of those are storage jars)

Made with 7 mid sized satellite dishes and 48 storage jars as lamp covers. And last but not least, the impressive...

Nickel Sofa
(7000 nickels and 35,000 welds later...)

At his site you can see a bit more of his work. Not too many pieces, but again, with projects so large, I am pretty sure each one needs months to get done.

A funny fact though is that the chair and the sofa may be 'illegal' products. Suppousedly is against the law to tamper with the US currency!

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