Apr 3, 2008

A Chilean Che?

Yes, I know, the Che Guevara is a "Latin American persona" no doubt. Better said he is a worldwide recognized icon, for good or bad. A symbol for 'revolution' and the icon for "rebel".

But I still think that there are few countries that can really claim him as "one of them". One is where he was born, Argentina. The other one is where he fight the most, Cuba. And in some way, the last one could be where he was killed Bolivia. Considering that both Argentina and Bolivia have some history of "problems" with Chile -mostly because of borders issues- it is a bit weird to see a 'Chilean' Che even if it is a made up one for a Greenpeace ad (of course it is weird mostly for me, because I am from Argentina!).

Is true that the Che visited Chile during his young years and BTW if you haven't seen "The Motorcycle Diaries" yet, make sure you put that one on the list!

Here the ad:

Anyway, this is ad was part of a 2007 campaign from Leo Burnett Chile for their client Greenpeace. The copy reads: "Anyone who becomes a member, is already imagining a better world. Join the fight."

The other ad from the same campaign portrays a teenager Lennon...

Now, those were two very different "fighters"... don't you think?

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