Apr 4, 2008

A Generation Symbol

A friend sent me this Canadian cartoon. I guess that what makes it so funny is the fact that is so true.

It very clearly "explains" why the ones born between 1980 and 1994 are called the "Generation Y".

I truly hate this "fashion trend" but then again, when I was a teenager the "baggies" (big, BIG, BIG, baggies) were the fashion that you had to wear. I am not sure what is worst, really.

Funny fact: Lots of kids wearing these oversized pants also like to play as if they were the "dangerous" type. Give me a break, you can't rob me and try to run wearing THOSE...

Thanks Brig for the cartoon!


Anonymous said...

It's not just baggy trousers, there's skinny jeans as well, and it's not so much the ruffians, but the fashion concious doing it at the moment.

Although I do need to stop wearing them so low, thing is, it's been going on so long now I just don't know how to stop it...

San said...

But the skinny jeans didn't look as bad as the baggies or this new 'trend'.

If you want to stop wearing them like that, just pull them up and it may help you to know that at least in my home we called them "the plumber ass look"... nothing fashionable there!

Best, San ;)