May 29, 2008

The $100 Laptop Gets a Redesign

According to One Laptop per Child designer Yves Behar a top-to-bottom redesign is coming for the of the XO laptop (also known as the $100 laptop).

He writes: "With the XO (1.0), we pushed the boundaries of what a laptop could be by lowering the cost dramatically, being green (no heavy metals, lowest energy consumption ever), and a human-driven unique design approach.

Now, with XOXO (2.0), we are challenging what a truly collaborative and creative computing experience could be ... a true departure from the traditional keyboard and screen layout, a new way to interface and play with data, information and communication"

The new design is planned for the early 2010 and makes the XOXO "a book, a tablet, a board...and yes, a laptop too if that is what you need."

The idea behind this redesign is to keep it green and white, but thin, simple, and un-interrupted by buttons, speaker holes, input devices, visible connectors or a keyboard, giving it an un-interrupted screen one could interface with from any direction. This would also allow it to become a something just like a book, or a seamless large visual tablet where children could read or even play board games sitting across from each other (or computer games).

Here some pictures of what they have in mind:

Source: Ted Blog

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