May 7, 2008

The Big Word Project

Very interesting (marketing) idea from two techies from Northern Ireland.

Well, let me re-phrase that, they are in fact two students that graduated with 1st Class Honours in Interactive Multimedia Design in 2007 and have decided to continue studying.

So they are now pursuing their Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Design in the University of Belfast and I guess because they were bored and needed money or just for one of those reasons, they came up with The Big Word Project.

The idea is that you can "redefine" words using your site to do so, and at a very small cost.

How? You just go to their site, you search for a word that "represents" your site and if it is not taken you can buy it at 1$ per letter and from then on, that word will take people to your site.

For example when I found out about this site "creativity" and "innovation" were taken, so now "doggy" has been redefined and is not about dogs but about creativity because it points to my site.

Some may find this project similar to the "One million pixel project" -where another student was selling logo space in a home page at one dollar each pixel- but from a creative and business point of view, The Big Word Project is a much, much, MUCH better idea.


To start with there are more than 1 million letters when you add up all the words that can be taken. Second, is not a static page, each time you enter you can see different words and therefore be guided to different sites. Last but not least as the words are also available alphabetically is almost impossible to avoid browsing the list to see where this or that word points to. Is like a funny, addictive game, that lets you found new sites with a mix of logic and randomness.

Just so you know, I got Ugly AND Doggy and some words for some friends. If you want to get yours, visit their site right now, before is too late!

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