May 8, 2008

Beautiful, Useful, Skillful

Some days ago I came across some of the most beautiful and ingenious speakers I have ever seen (the ones that you can see flanking this words).

I am not sure I would have them in my house -for space reasons-, but if I were a musician or a big time music aficionado, I would want to have them SO badly!

They can certainly add a special touch to any room or studio.

I don't really remember how I came across Philippe Guillerm's website but I simple fall in love with his sculptures, most of them portraying violins in different "attitudes" like the "Siesta" one that you can see below....


But not only from sculptures lives the artist, so he does furniture on demand plus this line of "functional art" that transforms speakers into beautiful guitars, cellos or mandolins.

Originally from France but living in Maine, USA, Philippe's work has been exhibited in galleries in Europe, South America, the Pacific Islands, Canada and the USA.

His site is not as beautiful as his art (you almost want to contact him and tell him to please please please improve his site look and feel for the sake of his art, but it is still worth a look, just to see the speakers and the inspired violins.

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