May 27, 2008

Bloody (Good) Idea

A great idea from the German agency Bliss. They needed to generate some buzz for the upcoming movie "Shutter" -as a teaser-, before release date.

The movie -a remake by 20th Century Fox- is about a young, newly married couple that discovers disturbing, ghostly images in all the photographs that they develop after a mysterious accident.

The agency, that specializes in "out of home advertising", came up with a pretty interesting idea. To keep the theme and still not reveal too much about the movie, they produced branded single-use cameras with pre-exposed films. Later, a promotion team distributed these cameras in bars and pubs. The visitors had the chance to make photos of their friends.

Afterwards they sent the developed pictures to the original photographers. The photos include a real ghost (because the film already have a picture on it) and at the bottom a small banner with a tease about the movie and the release date.

Here you can see a collage prepared by the agency with some of the pictures that include "the ghost":

Perfect idea considering the theme of the movie and very "interactive" outside the web. As you can see the brand of the cameras was also "Shutter". Creepy maybe, but very appropriate!

You can see more of Bliss' work in their blog.

Via Ninja Marketing

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