May 13, 2008

Boobs "Manipulation"

I am SO glad that someone FINALLY is doing the ad I have in my head for years, showing some of the many ways and 'tactics' that we -women-, we use daily to get a bra in place. I have been telling my husband (for years now) that someone should show how many ways we have to get the bra in place in a commercial.

Is a science, yes, but not an exact one. Depending on the woman's shape, her boobs' shape and the type of bra, I believe there are at least 20 really different ways to get the bra on. As a girl myself, I noticed pretty early in life that we all have our way of dealing with it, that may be similar to some other girl's way but never identical. For some of us, not me in this particular case, it can also be one of those "monkish" things (as in the TV show Monk, you know obsessive compulsive).... I have known girls that HAVE to go with the right arm first, for example, while some others HAVE to go with both arms at the same time.

The commercial I had in my mind was a bit different to this one, with "less talk and more show", but this one is a very good one too and I really want to thanks Playtex for having the guts to do something like this, and with "real girls" too! Take a look:

The other commercial that would be cool, not sure if applicable for Playtex (maybe for a beer?) would be showing the other point of view: a summary of guy's techniques to get the bra out. Believe, after a couple of years studying Engineering outnumbered by guys, I have also heard a good number of techniques to get it out... Of course, those also depend on the girls' shape, the guy's ability, and how smooth or not they are trying to be!

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