May 12, 2008

Regal Cinema vs. The Marines

This post could have also been entitled "A Cinema That Wants to Lose Advertisers" but is too long, I like the other one better.

You may think this is just "early Monday bitching", but believe me, my experience with the Regal Cinema @ the Sawgrass Mall is worth bitching and more.

It all started when we went to see "Ironman". We spent our $18 in tickets plus another $19 between two overpriced combos -but no one was complaining (yet)-, as we were just happy of finally getting to see the movie.

We arrived a bit early and the screen was showing those trivia questions about Hollywood stars.... without sound. Because is something meant to read I didn't care too much at first. But then the commercials kicked, and still no sound.

I am an advertising addict, so, after a couple of minutes like that, I went to the entrance and I announced to the only guy there that "in theater # 16 we are without sound". The guy told me he would take care of it and I went back to my seat...

Two or three minutes later (it may not sound like too much, but in advertising time that is a century) we were still WITHOUT SOUND. A commercial from AT&T with Scorsese was on and I was dying to hear that dialog, as he was talking to a baby boy in bed that had a cell in his hand. It "looked" like a funny commercial but you know without sound I have no clue what all that talking was about.

So I got up from my seat and AGAIN went to the guy at the entrance this time with my face of "If I have to come here again, you will be in trouble". He instantly knew what my face mean and stopped me in my tracks with a "I know, there is no sound, but the sound kicks in when the movie starts, that is how it works", what was exactly what happened.

I just couldn't believe it. It simply means that the money that Lexus, The Marines, AT&T, A&E and TNT among other advertisers are paying to have their ads at the movies, was a complete waste of money, as you could see the ads but not HEAR them.

Normally I am not on the corporate side. But as I see it this is corporation against corporation (cinema vs advertisers, a.k.a. clients) and as something unacceptable for both advertisers and public. If a company pays money to get their ads before the movies, their ads should be available to the public, and in its entirety, sound included. So I promised to myself I will do anything within my power to let advertisers know how their money can pay image but apparently is not enough to pay for sound.

The movie? It was pretty good if you are into comics... and the only thing I will disclose for those who haven't seen it yet is STAY UNTIL THE END... the real, real, real end of the titles. After those are gone, you will get a preview you may like to see.

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Anonymous said...

I found your site by clicking on doggy on the Big Word Project, but I just wanted to say that when I was visiting my BF's family in December, we saw I Am Legend at that mall. It was a grossly dirty theater and there was absolutely no sound during the ads. They were playing that 311 recruitment ad at the time. The one that goes on forever. I was almost glad there wasn't sound.