May 11, 2008

The "Moving" Age

Today watching the Dunkin Donuts commercial (see below) that always make me laugh -doesn't really make me drink their coffee but reeeaally makes me laugh-, a sudden revelation came to my mind:

"You can tell a guy's age by his attitude towards a friend's moving".

As I see it, this is how it goes:

- Between 17 and 20 something: the guys got together to help the one moving, is half moving, half party, and normally ends with a lots of beer and a couple of pizzas.

- After the middle 20's until the advanced 30's, as the commercial states, a good friend, "reluctantly -very reluctantly- helps his friend move".

- Around the 40's, if he is asked to help, he will probably recommend his friend a couple of guys he knows from somewhere that are not so expensive and can be "a great help". He gladly will give his friend the phone number to get in touch with this moving guys.

Once he arrives to his 50's no one really asks him for help to move -except maybe his son or daughter and they are not really asking for physical labor-, maybe for some bucks to pay the beers and pizza that he will order for his friends, those in the early 20's that will actually help them to move.... and so the cycle goes on.

If you don't know which is the commercial I am talking about, this is it:

If you think my "age scale based on moving attitudes" is wrong or have something to add to it, please let me know! Suggestions are always welcome!

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