May 8, 2008

Ex Boyfriend's Jewelry

"You don't want it.
He can't have it back."
That's the slogan for, a relatively new site where girls (and I guess boys too, why not?) can sell those mementos that they really don't want anymore around them.

OF COURSE, the more appealing part of the site comes with the description of the jewelty: things like "Got rid of the guy, now the ring's gotta go!" or "Never take back a cheater.. even if he's willing to bribe yo with jewelry" takes the whole experience of looking at rings and necklaces to the next level!

The site looks a bit amateur, but I guess you have to start somewhere. The idea behind it is a very original one and they even have a category -that made me smile- called "Gifts That Should Have Been Jewelry"... Plus, the fact that most of the jewelry is being sold at a fixed price but including a "or best offer" option, doesn't hurt at all!

Check them out! -Exboyfriendjewelry-

1 comment:

Tina said...

I tried this site, but I never got any results. I ended up selling my ring to for a pretty good price.