Jun 19, 2008

"Creationism" Revisited

I have said this before but I just love the premise... "what if?" because is the perfect trigger for unusual stories. The hilarious commercial below -from Netherlands- is an excellent example of a story of that type..., and the acting is so good that I couldn't help but to watch it twice just to see Eva's face.

I know this idea may horrify some but please spare me of any religious indignation; no matter where you stand on the issue you have to admit that the ad is pretty funny!

While I can't be sure that the commercial aired on TV (a couple of things make me think it may be a spoof ad), this insurance company has a long history of commercials with very imaginative stories, being the one with Clinton one of the most known ones...

...but just in case you haven't seen it, here it is:

The advertiser, Centraal Beheer, is an insurance company usually referred to as "Apeldoorn" because that's the name of the city where they are based. Their agency is DDB Netherlands, and they have so many "weird accidents" in their commercials' history that is impossible for me to include all of them here, but if you search in You Tube for "Apeldoorn reclame" you will find a good share of them!

PS: If you know if the first commercial aired on TV or not, would you let us know?

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