Jun 18, 2008

Using Nostalgia - Part I

This ad was going to be part of a much longer and in depth posting about using "nostalgia" as a resource for ideas. Sadly, because something is wrong with Blogger, each time I tried to post that one I got an error. So I will make this one short and hopefully I will be able to show you some other examples later...

As you will see, this Argentinean commercial for Easy is a clever use of those "old times" that are common to half the western hemisphere. I am sure that if you were watching TV, this mash up of images from a not so distant past will draw your attention to the ad during the commercial break.

The closing reads: "Any great story starts with a house."
And on the truck, "Easy. Your home, your world."

The agency behind the idea is Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. And I bet money that at some point you smiled watching it, just remembering those "old days"... didn't you?


Anonymous said...

no I didn't

Anonymous said...

No, me neither. Actually, a little sickened by the amount of programing some people enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I did! And I don't think it has anything to do with the quantity of TV programs... just the Flintstones made me smile!

San said...

I have to agree with the last comment. This has no relation to the amount of programming that someone can see and most of the programs are from different years.

The idea here is simply using something that we all can recognize like the Pink Panther or the Flintstones to make their point between great stories and homes.

If you didn't smile I guess none of these programs were part of your childhood... or you just want me to lose my bet? :))