Jun 10, 2008

Fab and Famous

The use of celebrities is a classic in advertising. Sometimes is risky, sometimes is not. At any rate, who they choose, how they are portrayed and how they are related to the brand in that portrait are the real challenges there.

The Vuitton campaign with choices like Mikhail Gorbachev and Keith Richards has been pretty successfull at using famous in a slightly different way. Now here is their last ad featuring the Coppolas -dad Francis and daughter Sofia-, in a photo taken by photographer Annie Leibowitz.

Vuitton Coppola Ad
I am not terrible impressed by the picture -and I normally love Leibowitz's work- but the main reason I am featuring the ad is because the picture was taken in Argentina, somewhere outside Buenos Aires, my beloved city. I don't know why they chose that location, but it seems to me that the landscape stands out more than the luggage. Or maybe I am just being terribly subjective? (...sigh...)

Via Very Cool

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