Jun 12, 2008

The Most Expensive Billboard Is...?

After seeing this video about Times Square I suddenly realized that I don't really know where the most expensive spots in the world are when it comes to outdoor advertising.

(via Gothamist)

At $ 300,000 per month, is pretty clear that Times Square One is one of the most expensive ones out there, but could it be the most expensive one? My guess is that it is not; Trafalgar Square should be a good competition, the same with the Red Square in Russia and the Shibuya intersection in Tokyo, that has been known as the busiest intersection in the world (I have been there and it is really crowded especially at peak hours!)

Now those may be the expensive spots just for placement... what about the most expensive billboard adding up placement AND creativity? My take is that the most expensive outdoor campaign has to be either the Adidas one in Japan...(check the video below)

Adidas in Japan - Vertical Soccer

Or the giant BMW billboard in Moscow (6000 m2 or half an acre of billboard, with real cars on it and not just one!):

BMW Moscow BMW Moscow Billboard

(more pictures of this one at EnglishRussia.com)

Or the Microsoft Vista launching in NYC, kind of a lousy copy of the Adidas one in Japan, but I bet the insurance fees are even higher in the USA:

Do you know about any other billboard that may compete in price with these ones? The one in New Zealand doesn't count, it exploded yes, but apparently it was pretty cheap, around $20000....

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