Jun 6, 2008

In My Own Private Cloud...

cloud logoRemember the rocking chair? As far as I know that was a prototype that (sadly) never reached mass production.

But not everything is lost. In fact this product (that is available!) seems as good or even better than the chair. Yeap, it is a bed -or sofa, whatever you want to it to be-, to rock your world.

But one of the things that I like the most about it, is its name: Private Cloud. Being someone that spent most of her early childhood 'in the clouds'(but they were my own private ones), I would have no problem in getting one of these and to go back to that feeling...

Cloud Bed

To make things mroe interesting, they have a base that allows you to have it in a fixed position and not necessarily in a complete horizontal one.Cloud with base

So far the only problem -at least for me- is the price. They seem to go from 4500 to up 6000 euros and as I would use this as a second bed it seems a little steep. And I am not sure the price includes shipping and handling.

But if you want one, they are made in Germany by the Kloker brothers and in their website (just in German so far) you can see more pictures, specs or contact them.

Me? I am going back to my clouds, so far they have served me well and for free!

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