Jun 5, 2008

Portuguese Creativity

Oceanario Portugal- Click to enlargeOne of the great things of this 'online word' is the fact that we can -if we want- broad our horizons.

And that is a key factor for creativity: the more you see, the more you are able to combine things in a new way.

Today I trip over a blog dedicated to advertising in Portugal -and even when I am not proficient in Portuguese-, one of the things that good ideas have is that they tend to be easy to understand, no matter the language. Not always of course, but in this case with just the titles you can get the idea.

The first two ads that you can see here (the one at the top and the one below) are ads celebrating the 10 years of Lisboa Oceanarium. Is a simple idea very well executed by the art deparment of Lowe advertising. They just mixed some of Lisboa's historical places with the animals that can be found in their Oceanarium.

Oceanario Portugal- Click to enlargeThe copy reads: "Since 1998 the capital for the Atlantic, the Capital for the Pacific and the Capital of the Antartic. For 10 years, all the oceans meet in one place, Lisboa Oceanarium."

The next ads are part of a campaign for education. One of the goals of the United Nations for this millenium is to get primary school education for all the children in the world, and these impressive ads are reminding the public about that obejective.

Piece: Guns
Title: Education should be the only weapon that kids should have access to.

Arma - Click to enlarge

Piece: Tools
Title: Education should be the only working tool that kids should have access to.

Working tools - Click to enlarge

The agency in this case is MSTF Partners and I find their mix of words and images pretty compelling. What do you think?

Source: O Nosso Portfolio

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