Jun 20, 2008

It's Friday, Learn French!

I know, you may not be able to learn French in just one day but I found this ad is so funny, that I thought it may be a good way to brighten your Friday.

Learn French Ad
Interestingly enough, the ad is from a school in the Czech Republic where they teach just Czech and French.

What can I say? I personally love the fact that the french are proud of their language.

The other ads for the same school are pretty funny too, but I must confess it took me a while to realize that the one with typos is probably mocking the french accent...

Learn FrenchArrogant French

BTW, I know for personal experience that people in France do speak other languages they just really appreciate it more when you try your rusty French before using any other language..., specially English!



Anonymous said...

Not my experience. I went to buy a gift in Paris about 10 years ago, and was speaking in French. My French at that time was not so bad with 6 years studying, but when I stumbled on remembering one word for 2 seconds, the store keeper immediately put the word out there in English and that's how the rest of the conversation went too. Unappreciative.

San said...

No, that is my point exactly... When I was there a friend of mine approach someone in English and he answered in French, a language she didn't understand. Then I approached him in French, he answered in French but when I stumble with my French he started talking in English! :)) I truly believe that they do appreciate the effort of trying French before switching to English, what makes all the sense in the world...