Jun 2, 2008

London Underground - What Do You See?

Inspiration can be found during our everyday tasks. In fact, that is how it happens most of the time.

A very good example is "Animals on the Underground" a site that features the animals that can be seen in the London Underground Map. According to their story, the very first animal spotted was an elephant, that was "discovered" by Paul Middlewick in 1988.

Since then, the elephant has been joined by many others from cats and dogs to bats and snails spotted by other people.

Here some examples:



What makes the story more interesting -from the point of view of how creativity works-, is the fact that it took one person to "see" an animal, to get other people to discover new ones. It is in fact a very common phenomenon, that is caused -in part- because once someone is able to visualize something different among something we know, once we can see it too, it becomes a natural challenge for the rest of us to find more.

So far, 32 animals have been discovered. In their site you can see all of them and join their mailing list to be among the first to know when a new one is spotted.

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