Jul 31, 2008

Build Your Own Font

Very nifty idea from FontShop. Useful for designers and I guess even more so for wannabes, FontStruct is an online do-it-yourself font-building tool.

Free and pretty easy to use, it allows a great variety of combinations. Of course -as they are the first to say-, not all fonts/styles can be achieved this way; but it is a great tool to make by yourself a completely different font or a base for a font that later can be retouched with other tools. To get a better idea on how it works, check the demo below...

Working one letter at a time, users can add and remove shapes including stars, blocks and dots to achieve the look they want. Once they're done, FontStruct generates high-quality TrueType fonts, ready to use in any Mac or Windows application.

Users can then decide to keep their "FontStructions" private, or they can share them with the FontStruct community for discussion, rating and downloading.

So now thanks to FontStruct all the options are online too: free fonts, paid ones and DIY.


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