Jul 31, 2008

The Very First TV Ad in History

Everyone seems to agree that the very first TV commercial in history was one for the Bulova watches.

According to their site, "Continuing its tradition of advertising firsts, Bulova airs the first television commercial: a simple picture of a clock and a map of the United States, with a voice-over proclaiming, 'America runs on Bulova time.' The 20-second spot costs $9...".

The commercial was aired on July 1, 1941, at exactly 2:29 in the afternoon, when the New York City NBC affiliate, WNBT, aired a 20-second spot before the start of the Brooklyn Dodgers-Philadelphia Phillies telecast.

Now, the one million dollar question: What do the State of Alaska, Penicilin, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs AND the first TV commercial have in common...?

(Warning: this is a bit mean. I know it is mean but I don't care. It is just too funny.)

According to this site, what Alaska, the first TV commercial, Penicilin and a long list of other things have in common is...

(drum rolls, please)

...that thay are all younger than McCain!

I told you this was a bit mean, in fact even my mother may not like this posting (specially because she is not younger than McCain). But I bet that she being just a couple of years older will be the first to tell you that running a country is probably a tiring work and that she would leave that task to someone younger.

I don't vote and just so you know my problems with McCain are way deeper than age, but I guess that my feeling that he could share the neighborhood with the dinosaurs wasn't so mistaken after all. My feeling was related to how he thinks, not how old he is but now I'm thinking..., you know,...penicilin, can you believe it?!

If you want to see all the things that the site has listed so far or you want to throw one or two more to the list, here is the link.

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