Jul 10, 2008

Funny 'Subliminal' Messages

Well they may not be really subliminal but they are both a clever way of "advertising" what's going on or your intentions.

The first one is a mug, that let others know if there is coffee in your mug or if it is time for a refill. As you can see, not only it changes colors but it changes the message on it..., and they even are dishwasher safe!

OnOff Mug
But the "communication device" that I like even more is this t-shirt that has a design printed in white ink on a black t-shirt. But also it has a hidden message printed over the first design with white glow ink...

So during the day, people see one thing, but under a black light or at night..., well let's just say that I hope you are in front of the right person!

hidden msg
You can buy the mug at Charles & Marie and the t-shirt at Dieselsweeties...., just remember to be careful when and where you use the t-shirt!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love images that play on optics or have hidden message.

This tee is one of them. Do you see the word good or evil?

Good / Evil T-Shirt