Jul 13, 2008

Real "WTF?" Brands....

Telephone BrandThe other day browsing around in a shop -a strange mix between a Chinese bazaar and a latin "bodega"-, I came across this package of agar.

Now, this powder is called in Indonesia agar-agar. It derives from algas or seaweed and it has several uses, but this one is meant for cooking, to be used as a natural vegetable gelatin.

I was compelled to buy it just to be able to scan it and post it here... "Telephone Brand" gelatin? Does anybody knows how that brand name was born? How is the telephone related to jelly or pudding?

My guess is that is a very old brand, but I still have problems trying to connect the name with the product. Product and brand name just don't match... at all!

Of course this is not the only weird brand out there....

This name for this lip balm is also very, let's say, "inusual". I understand that their first product was in fact a it was first a line of lens cleaner/anti-fog solution and that the line grow from there into some other "all weather products" but it is a bit weird to cover your lips with something that is called "Cat Crap".
Cat Crap Lip BalmNow, I have my own 'cat crap' thanks to a friend (thanks Mesia!) and I have to say it is a normal lip balm, there is not funky smell, nor weird texture. But I know at least a couple of persons that could not use it, just because of its name!

More to come, but you can also check these names that got lost in translation...

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Unknown said...

Hola San!!! I think that brand is actually from Thailand, will check with my Indonesian colleagues from work, but anyway those symbols on the package are definitely Thai although the word "agar-agar" is Bahasa.
Cheers! O.