Jul 13, 2008

BMW Kinetic Art

Last month the BMW Museum in Munich opened its doors again, after at least a couple of years of rebuilding and reorganization.

Under this new scheme, the key aspects of BMW are integrated in seven thematic blocks and an independent 'house' was created for each topic, being those: the houses of the Company; the House of Design; the House of the Motorcycle; the House of Technology; the House of Motor Sport; the House of the Brand -this one related to advertising- and the House of the Series.

But the renovated museum includes also several media installation. One of them is a kinetic sculpture made up of 714 metal balls that transition through a cycle of shapes typical to BMW vehicle forms.

The company behind it was ART+COM and below you can see a video with part of it.

I was a bit surprised by the fact that at ART+COM you can download this video, but without sound...

From my point of view it was crying out for some music. So, I took things into my own hands and used TestTube (from YouTube, obviously) to add some music to such gorgeous images. A song entitled "Seven hundred beats" from Duncan Beattie caught my eye -at the end of the day there are just a bit more than 700 spheres too in the sculpture- and I went with it (I am not going to say it is a perfect match, but it is pretty good, right?).

Now, going back to the museum, another interesting thing is their temporary exhibition of seven concept cars, from the BMW 531 originated in the 50's up to their last development "Gina", the one covered with fabric. If you visit Munich, this museum is definitely a "must see"!

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