Aug 4, 2008

The Comic Clock

If you like cartoons and simple, neat, original ideas, this clock may be for you. Sadly, it is not easy to get your hands on one.

I bought one last year at the Annual Expo of Young/New Designers in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Kind of a DIY clock too; you got a box with three or 4 parts that are very easy to assemble and then it's up to you.

But assembling it is extremely easy. In two or three easy steps you just have to put the small mechanism and battery inside the box and the clock hands outside and Voila!, you can have the most cartoonish clock in the world at your desk....

The design goes all around the box, so the back also has a drawing of a clock that looks like this...

As far as I know it is still available in Buenos Aires but in a just few selected stores. If I can find another one in my upcoming trip (in 15 days I will be coolhunting there!) I will come back with one or two more and maybe, just maybe, I will give one away to an Ugly Doggy reader.

Now that I think about it, they used to have one in red -with a stop sign on the front side-, that could probably be a good match for one of the most viewed videos in UglyDoggy!

PS: the company, PLA! has some other very creative products, like a paper towel stand that features a naked chef (naked until you dress him with the roll, of course).

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Anonymous said...

Its pretty cool stuff for cartoon lovers like me,I'll definietly like to buy the first one for me.