Aug 3, 2008

Poker..., Argentinian Style

A couple of postings ago I published some ads that some may find "sexist" but that I believe are just good ideas that happened to "play" with sex.

This commercial could be added to that collection. It is a more or less recent ad (Nov. 2007) from BBDO Argentina for Pepsi Max. I finally found the time to include English subtitles, so check it out and have a laugh... (ultra feminists, please, just skip this posting!)

If you want the ad with the subtitles I made it public at JumpCut. You will find it in a group I just started (Foreign Advertising) and you can take it from there, just be nice and link to us..., it took some work to caption!

PS: If you have TV commercials in other languages than English, please feel free to join the group and share them with the rest of us...

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