Aug 2, 2008

Chalky Advertising @ Waterloo Station

One way or another -via email or personally-, we are getting used to see the work of "chalk artists" in the streets. It is a type of work that never ends to amaze me: means a lot of work, needs of a great spatial orientation to be done correctly and it is painfully ephemeral.

While most of these drawings are pure art, from time to time there is one comissioned by a company as a form of advertising.

That is the case of the latest drawing from street artist Kurt Wenner who created at London's Waterloo Station a 3D illustration of an open vault with British notes fluttering out.

The work was for and the idea behind it, was to represent the GBP 16 million their customers have saved this year so far.

In the picture below, a girl and a security guard are posing "inside" the finished work at the station.

While the short life span of this type the work may be the main reason why it is not frequently used in advertising, it seems clear that the buzz that generates should make it worth of consideration.

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