Aug 2, 2008

Delicious New Look

I am a very happy camper today. The oh-so-extremely-needed redesign that was needing is finally a reality!

What means that my favorite social bookmark is now easier on the eye and I must say easier to browse too.

But there is more. The other thing that they've changed that makes the site more accesible for the rest of the world, is the url: now you can just type in and get there..., hooray!

I must confess I already had my mnemotechnic rule to remember the exact way it was: "it ends with (dot) US, it starts with 'Del'" (as 'Del' in Spanish means 'from him/it' it was facile for me to remember it). But those dots were a huge obstacle when I tried to refer friends and foes to use the site. I had to spell it at least twice and just the fact that was complicated for them to remember normally put them off.

The old spelling redirects to this new address so if, like me, you had that one in mind and in your direct links, the change is not a biggie. But hopefully the mix between this new look -a very spartan one what I personally like- with a much simpler URL will help Delicious to become even more popular, something the tool totally deserves.

I'm thrilled. It was time already. And the new design -at least for me- it's just delicious!

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