Oct 21, 2008

10 Business Lessons in Less than 2'

This is a gem, from Family Guy. The same way that the "Stop" video should be used in any workshop about design, creativity or communications, this video should be used in any business training session. It doesn't matter the industry.

As you can see the video is very funny per se, but watch it with your business in mind and you will find at least 8 or 10 very common mistakes that you have probably seen also in most business meetings... Some of them are:

1. Nothing is undestructible (or totally perfect, or the ultimate power or any other superlative)
2. If someone says it is undestructible, ask for more information.
3. If you are making an overstatement do not hesitate (still is better to NOT overstate the facts)
4. Make sure the aesthetic (or personal) choices do not become a liability.
5. There will not be "a good resell price" if the product blows up.
6. Beware of "faith" (or intuition or having a feeling) when it comes to investments.

I can find at least 5 more common mistakesbut I leave it up to you my readers to continue with the list!

Thanks Dani for the video!

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