Oct 17, 2008

It's Friday, Have a Drink!

My last Friday in Buenos Aires (sigh). I guess I will go out and have some drinks with my friends as a sort of farewell party. The good thing is that we will not need to remember any phone number to get a cab home: among many other wonderful things if there is something BA is plenty of, is taxis. At any hour in almost any neighborhood.

But I am going back home -to Florida-, where that is not the norm. One more reason to LOVE this campaign from Kaos Advertising. Very creative, easy to remember, and to the point. And it has the perfect "media" choice: coasters! A guerrilla coaster campaign is perfect for South Florida, where going out for some drinks it's almost the only thing you have to do at night!

Take a look to some other versions...

After seeing this... Would you forget the number?

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