Oct 15, 2008

Poverty = Pobreza; Zero = Cero

Today is Blog Action Day and the issue is "Poverty". As my blog is mostly about creative communications, I just want to share with my readers some "communications" around the issue that I personally like.

Two of them are street paintings. They are both in Spanish and they should make anyone think twice after reading them. The first one, shown here at the left reads:

"Why isn't hunger privatized?"

The second one is a bit more direct and at a time when the word "terrorism" is being so used and misused, it makes a terrible but valid point...

The translation is (more or less): "Poverty and hunger are forms of terrorism created by capitalism". It may sound exaggerated at first but when you think about it, it is pretty accurate. If it was up to me I would just change the end to "...by capitalism running wild", but I guess the general idea is there anyway.

Last but not least, a good flyer from "Pobreza Cero" the Spanish branch of an international campaign that aims to reach the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals for 2015. This specific campaign reunites more than 400 Spanish ONG's trying to fight poverty.

The translation of the title is: "Against Poverty, Press!" and the names nearby the buttons are Berlusconi, Bush, Putin, Zapatero, etc. You can get your own copy at a bigger size (in .PDF) here.

There is much more to say about poverty and why we need not just to have the issue in mind but to act upon it..., but thanks to Blog Action Day -hopefully- many, many more voices will raise the issue today!

Meanwhile you can do something. My personal suggestion is lend U$ 25 through Kiva but here you can find other things that you can do.

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Belinha Fernandes said...

I like this one very much,Press the button!Good!