Oct 12, 2008

Fear, the Enemy of Freedom

We all know that lately time seems to be moving backwards and we are living in a moment that it is eerily similar to George Orwell's "1984". For that reason alone, when I saw a banner of something called "Freedom, Not Fear" I jumped to read about it immediately.

Sadly, I arrived late to the call, as the international event took place yesterday (October 11) and mostly in European cities. Buenos Aires -where I am now-, was also listed as a city with an event, but I am not sure if something was accomplished considering it was raining badly most of the day.

Nevertheless something was accomplished in the UK, where a "Big-Brother-esque photo of Gordon Brown looking over Parliament Square against a background of barbed wire, handcuffs and double helices" was made as a mosaic, using for that the pictures of surveillance state ephemera that people have been uploading during a couple of weeks.

Here, the results...

The idea behind this call, was to demonstrate against the total retention of telecommunication data and other instruments of surveillance and recall the remembrance of the historical achievement of civil rights and liberties as a heritage of the Age of Enlightenment.

If you want to read more about the idea, there is something here and to see more pictures of the event in the UK check the last link in this article from the Open Rights Group.

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