Oct 31, 2008

It's Friday, It's HALLOWEEN!

So Happy Halloween to you my readers and enjoy these ads! This first one from Levi's Argentina has been with me for a while and it's one of those postcards that you can get for free at any bar or restaurant. The copy reads: "There are clothes that can improve anyone's image"

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All the other ones are related to alcohol consume. For or against it, each one makes its point.

1. Heineken:

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The copy reads "The beer drunk most on Halloween". The same ad run in Italy with a copy reading "Heineken, the official sponsor of Halloween" and it was part of a bigger campaign with all the dark creatures having a beer, as you can see in the one below.

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But Guiness also had a great ad for Halloween:

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Now, after so much beer, check out this great campaign from Guatemala. In Spanish Halloween is also called "Witches' Day" and this campaign was made to remind people to not drink and drive on that day. The small sign over the little witch reads: "On this witches' day do not drink and drive". I find it extremely creative and it's one of those things that are impossible to overlook!

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PS: I have to confess that when I was trying to select some good Halloween's ad for this post I was really tempted of scanning all the ones that we have recently received from the McPalin campaign. They seem to have been sent for Halloween -we got like 5 this week- and they suit perfectly for the occasion as they are all about scaring people with stories that just 5 years old (or equivalent IQs) could buy into.

But I changed my mind mostly because the idea was to post a GOOD Halloween ad and none of those ads match that description: they are all full of tricks but no treats.

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intrepidideas said...

Interesting ad... You suppose that's what Sara Palin was thinking with the $150,000 wardrobe? (smile) Thanks for sharing this with us.